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Management Philosophy and Management Policies

Business Policy

We are a pioneer in creating safe working environments for workers.

Riken Keiki endeavors for its operations to be in full Legal Compliance, to strive for Preservation of the Environment, and to maintain our role of high Social Responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

  • Manage our Research and Development in an efficient manner, to create useful and needed products which will be suitably profitable, to assure excellent and sustainable company growth.
  • Contribute to society by producing high quality products and enhanced services to assist our customers in creating safe working environments.
  • Reward stockholders by operating in a profitable manner to continually increase our corporate value.
  • Develop mutually beneficial bilateral cooperative relations with vendors by providing stable business transactions.
  • Create a rewarding working environment, to provide challenge and satisfaction for all employees, and also provides adequate compensation for their work efforts to assist in providing comfort and stability to their personal lives.