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RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.This Cookie Policy

(hereinafter referred to as "this Cookie Policy") applies to RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.( "RIKEN KEIKI").
Like many companies, RIKEN KEIKI may employ Cookie and other similar techniques on our Web site, including www.Web.based rikenkeiki.co.jp/english (collectively, the "Site"), for the purpose of analyzing your usage on the Web site or providing more customized services and advertising to individual customers.
This Cookie policy describes the use of Cookie and other similar techniques.
If you are accessing this site for the first time from a certain region, you will receive a message informing you that Cookie and other similar arts are being used.
If you click "Agree", you acknowledge and agree that such Technology is being used as described in this Cookie Policy.
You do not necessarily need to approve the use of Cookie and may cancel it at any time upon consent (please refer to "How to Manage Cookie" below).
You can reject or restrict Cookie by changing the settings of your browsers, and you can remove Cookie created on your devices at any time.
If you do not accept Cookie or delete it, it may take some time to operate or it may not operate properly in a certain area of this website.

What Is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text-containing file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website.
If you visit this website again, RIKEN KEIKI can use this Cookie to recognize your browser.
Cookie may store information such as customer preferences, but it cannot read data from the hard disk or Cookie files created on other sites.
Cookie created by the owner of the website is called the "first party Cookie".
A Cookie set by a person other than the owner of the website is called a "third-party Cookie."
Cookie described above is a technique that is designed to identify their devices automatically when browsing the Internet or using a particular web service, and to allow them to use the service as a last-minute continuation without having to enter the same information repeatedly.
By saving detailed settings such as web browsing history to a Cookie on your device, you can enhance the functionality of your browser and the convenience of accessing websites.

Cookie we use

Cookie makes this website easier to use by saving your preferences, etc.
RIKEN KEIKI may also use Cookie to show content tailored to your interest.
By using Cookie, RIKEN KEIKI can relate the status of use of this website to personal information provided by customers.
The information gathered through Cookie can be used to statistically and analyze the usage of this site and to improve and customize our content and other products.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses Cookie to collect logs without identifying individuals.
The logs collected are managed based on Google's privacy policy.
For more information about Google Analytics and Google's privacy policies, see:

Google Analytics official website

Google's privacy policy


Pardot is a service offered by Sales Force.com.
Cookie of Pardot collects logs on the number of visitors, visiting routes, browsed pages, etc.
In addition to tracking visits by known viewers, unknown viewers are recorded as anonymous users.
For more information on Cookie of Sales Force.com, please refer to the following.

Salesforce.com's privacy policy

How to Manage Cookie

When you are accessing the website for the first time from a certain region, you will see a message informing you of the use of Cookie or other similar techniques in use.
If you click "Agree", you acknowledge and agree that such Technology is being used as described in this Cookie Policy.
You do not necessarily have to approve the use of Cookie and may cancel it at any time upon consent.
However, some functions of this site may become unavailable.
You can reject all or some Cookie by clicking the opt-out link or by changing the browser settings.
For general browser operations, use the following links.

•Microsoft Edge:

•Microsoft Internet Explorer:

•Google Chrome:

•Mozilla Firefox:

Web beacon

RIKEN KEIKI may also use techniques other than Cookie to keep track of your use of the website.
Web beacons (also called "Tracking Pixels" or "Clear GIFs") are transparent images (usually one-pixel tags) that are transmitted via Web browsers or HTML e-mails, usually in conjunction with Cookie.
Web beacons can be used, for example, to monitor your page movements within the Site, track access to contacts from us, confirm your movement from online ads displayed on third-party websites to the Site, measure your viewing of ads, and improve the performance of the Site.

Targeting ads

The use of Cookie by third parties (including advertising networks and web traffic analysis services) cannot be managed by us.
These Cookie are often Cookie related to analytic/performance/targeting
These companies may use your access to this site and other websites to provide advertisements relating to products or services that may be of interest to you.
These companies may also adopt technologies that are used to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

Revision of Cookie policy

RIKEN KEIKI may revise this Cookie Policy from time to time.
The revised Cookie policy will be posted on this website.
This Cookie Policy is binding on you and should be checked for any changes each time you visit this website after checking Cookie Policy.
In the event of any material change in the manner in which information stored in Cookie is collected, used, or shared, such change notice shall be posted on the Website to obtain the customer's approval for the use of Cookie again.
You may refuse Cookie if you disagree with the change.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, please contact your personal information representative.

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