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Aiming for a global company that achieves sustainable growth by utilizing the power of “people” and “technology”

Since its establishment in 1939, RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd. has continued to grow along with the development and transition of industry and energy. Over 80 years of history, the industrial structure has changed over time, including thermal power plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants during the period of rapid economic growth, the semiconductor industry where Japan led the world, and the liquid crystal, solar cell, and lithium-ion battery industries, in addition to energy industries such as coal, oil, and gas. With safeguarding industrial workers in these industries, we continue to grow to create value every day.

In June 2023, the RIKEN KEIKI Group announced its medium-term management plan.
In recent years, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry over the world has been changed rapidly due to the following factors.

  1. (i) Carbon neutrality for a sustainable society
  2. (ii) Rapid changes in global demand for semiconductors and the return to domestic production
  3. (iii) Economic instability caused by tighter export and investment controls due to the U.S.-China conflict
  4. (iv) Surge in raw material prices
  5. (v) Changes in business models and working styles due to technological innovation

Taking into account the opportunities and risks posed by these changes in the environment, we aim to achieve net sales of at least 50.0 billion yen and operating profit of at least 12.0 billion yen in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026, and continue to achieve sustainable growth.

In this plan, which started this fiscal year, we set “in response to sustainable social and customer needs such as for the IoT and decarbonization, the RIKEN KEIKI Group will develop new technologies and expand overseas markets to aim for a global company that achieves sustainable growth by utilizing the power of ‘people’ and ‘technology’” as the medium-term management vision. For example, we are working to develop new technologies in response to changes such as carbon neutrality in the manufacturing industry and the resulting shift to next-generation energy. We will continue to safeguard workers from the dangers that can occur not only in industrial society but also anywhere in various fields around the world in order to realize a sustainable society by combining the strengths of the RIKEN KEIKI Group.

We will continue to engage in dialogue with our shareholders and other stakeholders while implementing sustainable management to further enhance corporate value and contribute to social and environmental value.

September 2023
Tetsuya Matsumoto