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Message from Management

As a global enterprise engaged in business activities not just in Japan but around the world, RIKEN KEIKI promotes an approach to management in full awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015 by the United Nations.

This reflects our awareness that concern and consideration for the environment, society, and governance grows steadily more important as we maintain strong relations with our diverse stakeholders.

Our core business of industrial gas detection and alarm equipment provides products and services to customers involving gas across a wide range of industries. We believe this business in and of itself contributes to customer efforts to contribute to the SDGs. That is, we believe activities consistent with the theme of our management philosophy—realizing environments in which people can work with peace of mind—help realize a sustainable society. Based on this understanding, we strive proactively to develop high-quality and affordable products that benefit the environment, based on a strong awareness of the related issues. Alongside sustained efforts in areas such as energy conservation, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing waste generation within the Company, we will invest in various other activities related to the SDGs.

We’re committed to our identity as an enterprise that realizes sustainable growth alongside society by contributing to solutions to various social challenges, based on esteem for our relationships to our investors, employees, business partners, and all other stakeholders.