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Promoting health and productivity management

The RIKEN KEIKI Group has established the following Health and Productivity Management Statement. The Statement describes how we promote continual health and productivity management to establish workplaces in which employees can work with a positive outlook and in optimal physical and mental health.

Health and Productivity Management Statement

To remain a leading enterprise that contributes to society by creating environments in which people can work with peace of mind, the RIKEN KEIKI Group pledges to promote activities that maintain and improve health through cooperative efforts involving the Company, the labor union, the health insurance society, and employees and their families.

Tetsuya Matsumoto, President

Health and productivity management structure

RIKEN KEIKI earns Health and Productivity 2023 recognition

RIKEN KEIKI has earned Health and Productivity 2023 recognition.
We will strive to maintain and improve the health of our employees into the future and to maintain this standing.

Details of RIKEN KEIKI’s initiatives

Listed below are some specific initiatives implemented under RIKEN KEIKI’s Health and Productivity Management Statement.

  • Providing complete medical checkups to those who want them and paying part of the cost of the examinations
  • Providing women’s examinations for diseases related to lifestyle conditions for those who want them and paying part of the cost of the examinations
  • Implementing stress checks at sites with fewer than 50 staff members
  • Initiatives to prevent infectious diseases among employees
  • Initiatives to establish suitable work styles
  • Initiatives to address long working hours

Earning Silver Certification as a leader in health and productivity management

We have declared our commitment to be a healthy company to the Tokyo Branch of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies. Our internal health improvement initiatives have earned Silver Certification in recognition of our role as a leader in health and productivity management.
We’re committing to ongoing efforts to maintain and improve employee health.

Content of pledge

  1. Health examinations completed by 100% of employees
  2. Applying the results of the health examinations
  3. Developing environments to promote health in the workplace
  4. Nutritional initiatives
  5. Exercise initiatives
  6. Smoking cessation initiatives
  7. Mental health initiatives

Under the system that certifies leading companies in health and productivity management, companies pledge to promote good health throughout their organizations to become leading companies in health and productivity management. Companies are certified as leading companies based on the achievement of specific results.

Health and safety policies

Health and safety philosophy
Based on the enduring theme of our management philosophy—realizing environments in which people can work with peace of mind—we regard health and safety activities as fundamental to our business. In addition to ensuring occupational health and safety management within the organization, we strive to eliminate health and safety impacts on local communities. We do our utmost to establish workplaces in which we can all take pride.
Action guidelines
  1. We constantly strive to enhance health and safety management through compliance with health and safety laws and regulations and internal standards.
  2. By implementing risk assessment to clarify the causes of risks and dangers in the workplace and to prioritize countermeasures, we promote initiatives that result in safe and comfortable workplace environments. We seek eliminate not just accidents, but the risk of accidents.
  3. To prevent damage to health caused by overwork and stress, we strive to enhance health management structures and to promote employee health maintenance measures.
  4. We seek to implement health and safety activities in which all take part, based on dialogue with all employees.
  5. We strive to raise awareness of health and safety issues though employee education and internal awareness activities.
  6. We invest appropriate management resources into and carry out ongoing improvements in executing health and safety activities.